How To Avoid Making The Biggest Rookie Mistake With Images

We all enjoy seeing images when we land on a website as it adds interest and peaks curiosity, especially if hyperlinked. Images are a form of rich content and can definitely boost your rankings when optimized and used correctly. There’s a common rookie mistake to avoid when using images on your site, and I want to help make sure you don’t make it.

This rookie mistake is actually a pet peeve of mine. I’m on a sample blog with a sample blog post here. I’m going to click on Edit and there’s only a little bit of text here. I’m going to add a picture. So, click on Media, Upload files, Select files. Navigate to the area where your picture is located on your computer and click on Open.

Now it’s being added to the Media library. Many folks are in a hurry and just click on Insert into post without checking any of the other information.

How to avoid making the biggest rookie mistake with images

As you can see the cover has been added, and I’m going to click on Update. If I click on Preview post, right-click, open in a new tab – You can see that the lovely book cover has been added. Now, when I hover with my mouse, it’s hyperlinked.

So I’m thinking, “Okay, well maybe I can check out The Weekend Marketer. It’s a book by Connie Ragen Green. So if I click on the image, I’m greatly disappointed to see that the image was linked to the picture itself, to the media file. That’s a rookie mistake that we need to not do, and not frustrate our visitors. We need to respect their time and make sure we take care of this.

Where to edit your image in WordPress

So click on the image back in the wp-admin area. The little pencil will allow you to edit. Let’s start at the top and make sure we’re choosing a correct alternative text – something relevant to tell the search engines what this image is all about.

Then we can choose an alignment. By default the latest version of Word Press chooses the medium size, but I want the image full-size so I can change that here.

Avoid frustrating your visitors

Here is where the link is found, right here. Now by default it chooses the media file. You can come here and choose None and change that so that it’s not hyperlinked. A good example of a site that does this is

If it’s an affiliate product, or if you want the image to be linked to a post or a page, come here, choose custom URL, add that URL, and it will be linked to whatever URL you put in here.

Develop your skills and graduate from rookie status

Always make sure you click on Advanced Options and open link in new tab or window so that your content is not covered up. Update, Update post and now when we click on Preview post and open in a new tab, and I go to the post – there’s the lovely picture.

Now when I hover over and click on the book cover, it takes me to the actual book on Amazon. . . much more relevant and not frustrating for your visitors.

Would love to hear your thoughts below.

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