Get Out of the Shadows and Make Your Presence Known

A great way to get yourself known on the Internet is to comment on blog posts that have helped you, and those which you have an opinion on. I’m excited when someone leaves their feedback as a comment. It lets me know I’m reaching and helping you, and it’s a big encouragement.

Other bloggers feel the same way – we get to know what you’re thinking and have more of an opportunity to help in whatever way we can.

Forums and blogs can be intimidating – especially if you’re a newcomer to the community of like-minded bloggers.

However, taking that first step to comment and let others know when you’ve been taught a valuable lesson, entertained or received help from the post can help brand your name and/or company and product online.

Your comment could inspire others to comment and get you noticed by industry influencers, which could be a powerful benefit.

Here are a few ways that posting comments on a blog can help you with your own online business and also help the person who publishes the content:

  • Helps to build community, so start a conversation about the topic.
  • Helps your name become known to others.
  • Discover what others are thinking.
  • Build relationships with others who comment and the blog owner.
  • Lets you and the blog owner know more about what you’d like to see and read about.
  • Share insight with others.
  • Inspire others (a great beginning to branding).

Seeing comments on my blog posts make me feel like the Energizer Bunny.

After all, one of the purposes of my blog is to create a highly interactive community where people who get inspiration and knowledge from my posts will reveal their points of view and carry on a lively conversation. When I see your comments, I’m inspired.

My business is oriented to help others find their way to online success – and unless I know what you’re having trouble with, find exciting or want to share – I might have trouble knowing exactly what you need.

A Little Advice – Help for Lurkers

When you leave comments on blogs, try and make them interesting and well thought out. Avoid leaving one-liners which won’t serve to open a conversation about the subject matter.

Never ignore any of the comments you receive, and be sure to sign your name at the end so readers can find your site or blog and learn what you’re all about.

Here’s a video tutorial to help you save time when commenting on blogs.

The amount of blog comments received on a post is important, but so is the “meatiness” of the comment. It’s the key which separates a great blogger from one who simply throws a post online with no real thought of it helping or making an impact on others.

Many comments I’ve received over the years have helped me to improve – not only as a business person, but as a viable online presence.

Anything I can do to improve what I offer to my community helps me, and those who follow me.

Be passionate about your blog (if you have one) and passionate about the comments you leave. When your words are exciting and well put together to help others, everyone wins.

Bloggers have the ultimate goal of building a community where ideas can be tossed around and new and unique opportunities realized.

No question is too basic or too complicated – your comments, questions (and even criticisms) are welcomed and appreciated.

So, get out of the shadows, comment and make your presence known. I look forward to hearing from you.

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